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November 17, 2018 Mirror Headboard

Classy Mirrored Headboard Bedroom Set

Mirrored headboard bedroom set – Mount square or diamond-shaped mirror tiles on the wall behind your bed. Use peel and stick art or mount them in the traditional manner with glass rosettes. For a retro touch, try the mirrored headboard bedroom with silver or gold veining.



How to mirrored headboard bedroom set? Hang tiles closely with all sides touching. Frame the outside edges with stock molding from the hardware store. If you are a tenant, or if you tend to move furniture around, you may want to mount the entire assembly to a portable piece of plywood instead of directly on the wall.

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Construct a simple rectangular mirrored headboard bedroom set out of plywood, with 1- by4s to the legs. The complaints mirror panel to the plywood. A glass company can cut the mirror size for you. Next, apply decorative fretwork to the surface of the mirror. Depending on the desired appearance, use fretwork of the entire mirror surface, or just at the corners. If you cannot find a stock fretwork pattern you like, use a jigsaw to cut a special shape. Design based on Eastern architecture look lovely, as do mid-century geometric patterns. Trim the edges of your headboard with storage molding and paint the trim and fretwork to match.

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