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May 14, 2019 Kitchen Storage

Some Types Kitchen Knife Storage

Kitchen Knife Storage – Kitchen knives are a must in any kitchen, but can also be dangerous if not kept safe, organized and out of reach of children. In addition to being dangerous, knives not stored properly can be unhygienic and get bored quickly. The type of kitchen knife storage is best for a knife depends on its size and frequency of use.




12 Inspiration Gallery from Some Types Kitchen Knife Storage

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Image of: kitchen-knife-storage-drawer
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Image of: kitchen-knife-storage-safety
Image of: kitchen-knife-storage-under-cabinet
Image of: kitchen-knife-storage-under-cabinet-ideas
Image of: kitchen-knife-storage-white-holder

More knives are kept in drawers. If you have children, take measures to ensure that they cannot get in the drawer with knives in it. A good way to protect the knives in a drawer is to put a block on the back of the drawer with notches cut into it. The knife blades can be set in the notches with the sharp edge, so vertical knives and preventing them from hitting each other and possibly get splinters.

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A hardwood block located on a counter top is good solution kitchen knife storage. Many of these blocks are commercially available. They are made with notches of various sizes that fit the blades. When the knife is in the block, always handle protrudes, thereby keeping clean sharp blade, and maintain safe cover sheet. For households with small children.

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